F1140 - Mobile Room Unit

F1140 - Mobile Room Unit

Very powerful compact mobile germicidal UVC unit providing full room disinfection in a manner of minutes.  Includes remote that controls power from up to 300 ft away.  Unit has intgrated passive infrared motion sensors that will turn unit off when people or pets walk into treatment area.  Integrated bulb cover makes it easy to transport from job to job.  Large built in  rubber casters allow for easy maneuvering through tight spaces.



  • Product Info


    1140W of power (320W of UVC output) providing enough disinfecting power to eliminate 99.9% of most virus/bacteria on surfaces in a 20' x 20' room in less than 5 min. 

    120VAC/ 60Hz / 13A


    18" x 18" x 57"


  • Warranty

    This product offers  a 1 year warranty for all parts and service.

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    All sales are final.  We will not autherize any refunds for used UVC equipment.

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